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Adriana and her fiancé, Kyle, had their dream wedding mapped (and Pinterested out) until Covid-19 forced a shutdown and wedding plans came to a sudden halt. I interviewed her to learn more about how she pivoted and was still able to have the day of her dreams!

Q: First of all, congratulations on your beautiful wedding! Was it on the original date planned or did Covid affect the wedding timeline?

A: THANK YOU! It was really a team effort and we are so humbled by all the love! Kyle & I decided to move forward with our legal ceremony on our original date: July 31, 2020 (we were attached to the date!) and postponed the reception to next year. We'll likely do a vow-renewal ceremony to get to experience that with everyone too!

Q: When did you first learn that you might have to alter your wedding plans?

A: At the time I was still working in the bridal industry so I had a bit of a heads up. I'd say it was around mid-March when the stay-at-home mandate was extended to most of the country that we realized we were going to have to make the call and decide what direction we wanted to go in.

Q: How were you able to make the day meaningful with your close friends and family while also maintaining Covid-19 safety?

A: We did our best to spread out the seating for both our ceremony and reception. Our giveaway bags had hand sanitizer and wipes, we had hand sanitizing stations everywhere and all the food and drinks were individually wrapped. My sister-in-law made masks that had our initials and wedding date on them and of course, we had our nearest and dearest call in via Zoom!

Q: What was your favorite memory from the big day that you might not have experienced if not for the pandemic?

A: It's hard to choose just one!! Kyle's dad made the A-frame we used during the ceremony; we're looking forward to putting that in our forever home one day! Mine and Kyle's sister added so many little details like skeleton keys with wings on clear strings suspended under the tents at dinner and pages from our favorite book in my bouquet and flower decorations. We were also able to get small gifts for all our guests! The kids each got a toy to play with during the party, men got a key-holder and women got your Oak Ring in gold [and I wore mine in silver]. It was great to get to spoil everyone there with us.

Q: I enjoyed working with you at Kleinfeld Bridal and designing a custom hair vine to match your unique wedding gown! What was the inspiration behind your wedding day look?

A: It was gorgeous and I'm pumped to have another custom Ellen Hunter piece in my collection. We decided our ceremony this year would be a fun opportunity to do something different from our original plan -- we really liked our vision so we are keeping most everything 'as-is' for next year. A friend sent the link to my dress in a group chat with a 'would be nice to wear one day' comment, it was on sale and I bought it within minutes. I wanted the polar opposite of what I plan to wear next year and loved how well the pink in the vine and dress complemented not only my dress but my ring as well!

Q: What advice would you give brides who have to change course on the plans for their wedding because of the pandemic?

A: Let yourself be sad, first and foremost. Even while planning what ended up being the perfect wedding day, it was still bittersweet. If you plan to do something similar to what we did, try and get a few of your favorite vendors to help out with your minimony (in my case, we had my HMU artists and Photographer) and take advantage of the more intimate setting. If you plan on waiting it out completely: make sure to still commemorate the original wedding date with a big glass bottle of vino and since you've [hopefully] taken care of a lot of planning details, just enjoy being engaged!

Q: What is your 'go-to' Ellen Hunter design for everyday wear?

A: Any iteration of Daphne! I have the comb in gold, mini comb in rose gold, headband in black and wreath in gold.

Adriana is wearing the Daisy Vine - Order Yours Here

Photographer - Kayla Brooke
Hair - Kimberly May
Makeup - Murphy's Beauty Law

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My love of all things sparkly began when my older sister got married on my 16th birthday. I remember helping her pick out her silk satin a-line gown and practicing how to fan out her lace adorned chapel length train perfectly for photos. It was during this time that I became obsessed with all things related to bridal fashion, so much that two days after her wedding I waltzed confidently into the local bridal salon in my hometown of Memphis and asked the owner for a job application. I still cannot believe she hired me but she must have sensed my passion and a willingness to learn more about a world that had completely captivated me. I used my very first paycheck to invest in a stack of bridal magazines and proceeded to devour them cover to cover, eager to know the gown designers and learn all of the bridal fashion terminology. During this time, I apprenticed for a local jewelry designer who taught me the ins and outs of handcrafting bridal veils and the intricate wire wrapping techniques that I still use in my designs today.

I went on to study apparel design for my undergrad and took courses in bridalwear and beadwork at the London College of Fashion after graduation. Less than a decade after my bridal love affair began, I moved to NYC in pursuit of my dreams and opened my own jewelry and hair accessory business, Ellen Hunter NYC. On a cold March morning, I stood in line for hours to present my work to the buyers at Henri Bendel in 2011 at their “Open See,” a casting call for young and up and coming designers. I knocked on every door and began selling my line at Kleinfeld Bridal and other bridal salons throughout New York and along the east coast. My dream of selling my collection at Bergdorf Goodman came to fruition after many phone calls and emails and I had my first trunk show there in 2013.

The craziest boldest move I made was sneaking into first class on a flight from NYC to LA in 2014 to introduce myself to Carolina Herrera. I pulled back the curtain, took a deep breath and approached her with a business card and headpiece in hand. About a month later, my designs were featured in her bridal runway show and our collaborative collection was available for sale in her LA, Dallas and NYC salons.

In March of this year during the quarantine shutdown, I was visiting my parents in Memphis and ended up spending a whole two months with them. It was a nice time to be with family, reflect, reminisce and go through my old belongings in my childhood room. I came across old photos from my time in London, abandoned bridal gown sewing projects (I am the world’s WORST seamstress,) and bridal magazines from 1998 when my design journey first began. The very sight of the outdated fashion brings me the same joy and inspiration that they did when I purchased them over two decades ago. I can’t imagine ever parting with them. I hope this blog can share my ongoing passion and love of creation with you all.

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